Jann Klose

Now that we know some of your influences, what kind of influence would you like to make on this world when all is said and done, and why?

Jann Klose responded on 07/26/2010

Good question. I tend not to think about this but I guess I'm gratified when people tell me they've felt something when they've heard my songs. It gets difficult sometimes to really dig deep but it's imperative if you want to write a good song. For me, it's a way of dealing with everything I go through in life, good and bad. It helps me feel better. If that can extend to others it humbles me... and it took me while to really notice that people do, and even to accept that they would. Because a song means so much to me personally, I think. I will keep doing this as long as I've got stuff to write about... and maybe even longer... just don't be upset if I write about the sky being blue, ok?

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